Step 8 – The Demolition Plan

Due to the complicated and dangerous nature of demolishing a building or structure, being able to clearly demonstrate the necessary methodologies and procedures for the demolition is key for the project’s safety and success. The best way to do this is by creating a detailed Demolition Plan, programme and work sequence.

The Demolition Plan brings together the various surveys and assessments carried out in preparation for the project to begin (see our previous blogs on: refurbishment and demolition surveystructural survey and assessment, health and safety assessment and risk assessment) and helps to illustrate the different processes involved in the demolition project. The plan details how the physical works required will be managed and delivered in order to meet the specifications.

What are the processes involved?

  • Location of the building, the distances from adjacent buildings, roads, structures and schools (the refurbishment and demolition survey)
  • The structural support (structural survey and assessment)
  • Method statements for the demolition of the building; showing the sequence of demolition and the method of demolition to be employed
  • A health and safety assessment plan showing all the measures to be taken for the protection of the public, including hoardings, covered walkways, crash decks, and scaffolding protection screens
  • Waste management plan
  • Programme of the demolition process


We recommend clearly outlining each process into its own section, including a detailed explanation of your intentions and the steps that will be taken to meet the project requirements. Adding annotated diagrams throughout the plan is a great way to further explain the processes and will help to make your plans easier to understand and visualise.

Demolition Plan

The Project Programme

Included in your document will be your Demolition Programme which, when completed, will help with two things. Firstly, identifying the timescales for the project, key target dates and durations of individual activities and secondly, creating an understanding of the sequence of works.

At Weavers, we choose to clearly outline each phase of the project in a spreadsheet. We document what tasks will be done and when, including information such as expected start date and end date. An example can be seen below:

Demolition Project Plan


By setting these expectations, it lets the client know which parts of the site will be worked on and when so that they can be prepared for the work and know what to expect. Additionally, it helps with liaison with all stakeholders on a project, creating a clear understanding of what activities will be taking place in certain areas at certain times.

The Demolition Programme is especially useful for projects where a phased handover is required. By sharing the document with all parties involved, it means everyone will be on the same page and know what they need to do and when, including individual parties/contractors.

All in all, the Demolition Plan is a fundamental document to aid smooth project delivery and should be completed with as much detail as possible. For more information on what should be included or to discuss how Weaver Demolition’s dedicated and highly competent team can assist your project, please contact us here.


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