Demolition Contractors in Wiltshire

Welcome to Weaver Demolition in Wiltshire, where we proudly stand as your premier partner for top-tier demolition services. With a history dating back to 1968, our commitment to delivering exceptional service is what sets us apart. As dedicated members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC), we bring local wisdom and expertise to every project in this picturesque region.

Our building demolition services

Delving into our comprehensive suite of demolition and clearance services, you’ll find that Weaver Demolition offers a thoughtfully tailored approach to meet Wiltshire’s unique demands. From the meticulous dismantling of structures to site remediation and screening and crushing aggregates, we are the foremost local demolition company, fully equipped to address your diverse needs.

  • Demolition – Employing an array of methods, our skilled team ensures the safe and efficient dismantling of structures of all sizes and shapes, always mindful of cost-effectiveness and the environment.
  • Land remediation – Our initial steps involve deploying experts to assess your site, manage potential risks and ensure the safe handling of materials, all geared towards preparing them for your project’s specific needs.
  • Strip out & internal demolition – Whether you’re repurposing an existing building or salvaging valuable assets before full-scale demolition, our team possesses the expertise to manage the entire interior demolition process seamlessly.
  • Temporary works – Count on us to design and implement customised temporary structures for your project, securing your site during the demolition phase while prioritising safety for all involved parties.
  • Asbestos removal & site decontamination – With Asbestos Awareness training and CCPS accreditation, we skillfully manage the safe treatment and removal of asbestos from your site.
  • Crushing & screening aggregates – We are steadfast in our commitment to sustainable practices by recycling waste materials into valuable building components, aiming to maximise value and minimise environmental impact.

Cost-efficiency and eco-conscious practices

We work hard to provide great service. We use the best demolition tools to do our projects efficiently and at a lower cost, making sure our clients are always happy. We also do our part to help the environment by finding things we can recycle and choosing the right places to recycle them.

Following the completion of a demolition, we remain unwavering in our commitment to recycling materials, with a goal of recycling over 95% of all generated demolition materials. This goal remains at the core of every project we undertake.

Why should you choose Weaver Demolition?

Decades of experience

We have over 5 decades of experience working in many different sectors including commercial, industrial and more. Weaver Demolition was established back in 1968 so we have a proven track record of excellence.

Accreditations matter

Holding CCDO (Certificate of Competence of Demolition) and NFDC accreditation, you can rest assured we are dedicated to keeping industry standards.


Comprehensive services

Our comprehensive service offerings span a wide spectrum, encompassing everything from demolition and dismantling to crushing and waste management, making us your one-stop solution for all demolition requirements.

Local expertise

Located in Wiltshire, we care about the local community and environment. This enables us to conduct site assessments promptly and respond swiftly when you require our services.

Environmental responsibility

Weaver Demolition is tirelessly committed to monitoring and enhancing our environmental processes to reduce harm.

Collaboration with diverse entities

Our portfolio includes partnerships with various organisations and private individuals, ranging from local councils and NHS Trusts to architects and consultants.

Moreover, Weaver Demolition proudly holds certifications for ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 standards, underscoring our commitment to effectively managing Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety aspects of our operations.

Local demolition for Wiltshire

We put in a lot of effort to offer top-notch service across various places in Wiltshire. We use the latest demolition equipment to complete our projects efficiently and cost-effectively, ensuring our clients in towns like Swindon, Salisbury and Devizes are always satisfied. Additionally, we actively reduce our impact on the environment by finding recyclable materials and choosing the right places to recycle them in locations across Wiltshire.

We work in a range of sectors, including:

Our portfolio is packed with real examples of how we have assisted in the development projects of many different sectors. No matter how big or small your project is, we have the skills and expertise to get the job done right.

Contact Wiltshire demolition experts today!

At Weaver Demolition, we stand ready to provide you with safe, professional and efficient services that encompass every facet of your project. Reach out to our team, and we will seamlessly guide you through the entire process.

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