Crushing & Screening

As part of our full enabling offering, we operate an efficient and cost effective crushing and screening service. Whether it be the processing of materials following demolition or a sole crushing contract, we have the facilities to maximise value on your project.


At Weaver Demolition we understand that following the demolition of a site, removing all unwanted construction waste and then buying in new aggregates for a new build can prove to be a very costly process. To help make this process more cost effective and sustainable we offer comprehensive concrete and hardcore material crushing.
This allows our clients to recycle demolished materials into useable building materials, saving both time and money. There are further time and money savings due to negating the costs of haulage and landfill. Our concrete crushing services can be flexibly delivered. Either as a complete waste management solution following demolition or via individual concrete crusher hire. Our crushers are operated by fully trained and experienced personnel. This ensures that we offer a seamless, safe and professional service everytime. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and always ensure we leave sites clean and tidy at the end of the working day with quality materials ready for re-use.
  • Drone footage of our crushing & screening in action


Our aggregate recovery process is designed to cut costs and harmful environmental practices. We work to incorporate aggregate recovery into all of our projects.

We are material specialists, so we develop solutions that utilise existing construction materials into cost effective aggregates, and by doing so we help clients save on costs and the carbon footprint of their project.

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