Cody Park




Contract Period

7 months

Cody Park is a highly secure technology park offering unrivalled amenities and a wide variety of business premises ranging from high quality offices to laboratory and R&D space.

Cody Technology Park site comprises approximately 1.3 million sq ft of buildings on a site totalling approximately 183 hectares.



Weaver Demolition were contracted to remove redundant commercial buildings and historical basements to enable the construction of new data centre facilities on the site.

Prior to any works beginning, Weaver completed a full pre-construction consultation and site appraisal with the client to assess the full scope and requirements of the project and to ensure all goals were defined, feasible and would end with optimal results.

A ground investigation involved the sampling and testing of isolated hotspots at the site which uncovered site contamination in the form of lead, TPH’s (total petroleum hydrocarbons).and PAH’s (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). A remedial strategy then had to be designed for all contamination to be removed.

A full methodology and health and safety plan was produced so that all risks were properly assessed, and necessary precautions and control measures were put in place prior to any demolition taking place. The methodology outlined all of the processes involved in the project and Weaver Demolition ensured that all stakeholders were kept updated on the plan details throughout the duration of the project.


Scope of Work

The full scope of the project required the splitting of existing structures with those to be demolished and those to remain.

During the site investigation, historical basements were discovered for which the excavation and demolition had to be carried out under archaeological watch since the history of the basements was unknown.

Contaminated ground was treated on site or removed in order that the site could be signed-off for construction work to begin.

Finally, all arisings from the demolition work were crushed and converted to 6F2 aggregates which were subsequently re-used in the construction of the new data centres.

98.7% of arisings from the project were diverted from landfill, and of that 86% were retained on site for re-use into the new project.

The project took 7 months to complete, and was handed over to the client ahead of schedule enabling them to kickstart their construction phase works sooner.

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