Why Sustainability in Construction is Key

The construction industry accounts for 38% of CO2 emissions. As one of the largest users of global natural resources and a significant contributor to rising pollution, the carbon footprint of the construction industry is substantial. With the world in the grips of a climate crisis, sustainability in construction is no longer an optional extra, it is a must.

What is sustainable construction?

Sustainable construction is about creating long lasting environmentally friendly buildings using renewable and recyclable materials, reducing waste and emissions, and minimising energy consumption over the course of a construction project and beyond.


With a growing focus on environmental impact, the demolition industry plays a vital role in sustainable construction. Designers, architects, demolition contractors and construction companies have a shared responsibility to create greener buildings and environments, divert materials from landfill and re-use and recycle resources wherever possible.

Sustainability is also about health and safety, both of employees and the wider public, and is something that no one in the industry should be willing to compromise on. Sustainability must be at the heart and the start of every construction and demolition project.

The importance of the pre-demolition audit

At Weaver Demolition, we always carry out a pre-demolition audit. Though it is not yet mandatory, we see it as essential best practice for businesses, who, like us, are committed to reducing their environmental impact and improving their green credentials — it is a key part of sustainability in the industry.

Pre-demolition and pre-refurbishment audits advise clients on the products and materials that can be re-used or recycled prior to demolition or refurbishment, diverting them from landfill. With a thorough pre-demolition audit, and by working together with clients from the early stages of a project, we reduce the need to import and export, limit costs associated with the production of new products and reduce our CO2 output.

Re-using and recycling is essential

Re-using and recycling forms a key element of the circular economy  — the demolition industry is very much a part of that cycle. Enabling works companies use their expertise to re-purpose on-site materials, increasing recycling and decreasing trips to landfill.

Weaver Demolition is in the process of transforming the former Soundwell College in Bristol, to create the new Soundwell Academy. We crushed all hardcore arisings on site so they could be re-used for the formation of levels for a new artificial sports pitch.

As accredited members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC)  for the 32nd consecutive year, our target is to recycle over 95% of all demolition materials generated. All aggregate material including tiles, bricks, ceramics, concrete, cement and asphalt can be crushed and turned into useable building materials.

Benefits of sustainable construction

There are environmental, financial and social benefits to sustainable construction.

  • Environmental

A focus on recycling and re-using materials means less waste and fewer resources ending up in landfill. The adoption of modern industrial techniques to reduce pollution, such as specialist noise and dust suppression equipment, contribute to decreasing pollution and improved air and water quality.

  • Financial

An environmentally friendly building can cost less because fewer new resources are used to complete the project. Where existing materials are re-purposed onsite or to other local projects, less waste is generated, and waste disposal costs are reduced.

  • Social

Sustainable buildings contribute to improved health, with fewer toxins being released into the environment. Lowered levels of air, water and noise pollution contribute to a better quality of life and there is a reduced strain on local infrastructures because green buildings use fewer resources.

Is sustainability a core value of your business? To reduce the carbon footprint of your next re-development or demolition project, talk to us

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