Our tips for choosing the right enabling works contractors

Before the development of a new project can begin, preparations of the site such as ground clearance, safety signage and demolition must be done by enabling works contractors to make sure the site is construction-ready. This work and the chosen contractors are vital in ensuring not only the safety of the site and workers but that the surrounding areas can still function as close to normal as possible. Because of this, we have put together some tips for choosing the right enabling works contractors that you can rely on:


Do your research
Before agreeing to work with any enabling contractor, it is vital to check their track record. Ask the company for testimonials and projects that they have previously worked on, you will then be able to contact them for an honest review.

In this industry, time means money; therefore, if a previous client has encountered problems with time delays on their projects, it is better for you to find this out before the work has begun rather than after.

Request a timeline
Asking for a timeline will enable you to see if the contractor’s estimated completion time is compatible with your expectations as well as realistic. If they’re not overly forthcoming with providing a timeline, this should be a red flag, signalling that they may not be reliable.

Being able to work alongside an agreed timeline helps everyone to know what they are working towards, meaning you are able to further plan and be reassured that you can focus on other tasks.

Get proof of insurance and liabilities
During enabling works, there are dangerous and often complex parts of the jobs, including demolition. It is vital that you make sure your chosen contractors can provide proof they are insured and that you are protected against any liability of accidents that may occur during the whole process.


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Ask if subcontractors are going to be used
After doing your research on the company itself, it is equally as important to ask if they will be using subcontractors when working on your site, as well as what jobs they will do doing.

Although subcontractors allow the ability for contractors to have a variety of workers from specialist areas, they are representatives of the company, not employees themselves. Therefore, extra checks will need to be taken to see their previous experience and most importantly, that they are covered with their own liability insurance.

Check their specialities
As there are many aspects of enabling works ranging from ground clearance to the demolition of buildings on the site, you should ask the contractors what their specialities are.

Jobs like demolition require the contractor to follow specific safety regulations as well as ensuring they are adhering to environmental concerns. It may be wise to tailor your choice of contractor based on their experience in this field.

If there are specific parts of the job you are most concerned about, it’s reassuring to know their previous experience means you are in capable hands.

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