Construction Waste: There’s a Better Way Than Disposal

According to the latest government statistics, UK construction and demolition generates a whopping 67.8 million tonnes of waste annually. Sounds like a lot, right? The good news is, the recovery rate stands at 92.3%, with 62.5 million tonnes reused or recycled.

Clearly, there is a better way to process waste than simply dumping it at commercial waste disposal sites. However, despite the impressive recovery rate afterwards, disposal is still the first port of call on many projects. In this post, we’ll discuss why crushing and screening is better than construction waste disposal.

What is crushing and screening?

Crushing and screening refers to the process of assessing waste materials and separating them into those which can be reused directly or crushed into an aggregate blend. All aggregate material can be crushed, including:

  • Tiles
  • Bricks
  • Ceramics
  • Concrete
  • Cement
  • Asphalt


The end result depends on a client’s specification. At Weaver Demolition, we can crush and screen aggregates to various specific grades including type 1, 6F1, 6F2 and 6F5. We can also provide testing for compliance in line with the specification for highway works.

Once construction waste has been screened and crushed, it can be re-used directly on site or used for re-sale to the wider market. Within that re-use, there are a number of potential applications, including piling mats, temporary roads, permanent road sub-bases and construction platforms.

What are the benefits of crushing and screening?

Compared to construction waste disposal, recycling aggregates has a number of valuable benefits. First and foremost, it’s cost-effective. Recycling aggregates can eliminate the need for new materials on site, reducing the overall cost of your project. Alternatively, materials can be sold on to other companies or sites to cancel out some of the other construction costs.

In most cases, it’s also much quicker than construction waste disposal. Rather than requiring an extensive loading operation with countless trips to waste disposal sites, waste can be screened and crushed on site and turned into a usable material in much less time. Reducing the need for waste haulage adds to the cost benefits too.

On top of that, it’s eco-friendly – for several reasons. As well as reducing the amount of transport as above, reusing materials means fewer new materials need to be produced, which eliminates the need for gravel mining and environmentally damaging cement production, for example.

Above all else, it reduces waste. While the UK has a relatively good waste recovery rate, crushing and screening on site means you’ll be sending less waste to landfill in the first place and eliminating your potential contribution. That means a greener reputation for your company overall.

A case in point

To put this all into context, consider the benefits we delivered to the Royal United Hospital in Bath. By crushing all their aggregates on site, we eliminated around 450 lorry movements in and out of the site, which was particularly important for a live hospital, where disruption needed to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Aggregate was crushed to grade 6F1 and laboratory tested to confirm compliance in line with highway works specification. This eliminated the need for material to be imported for pile mats. The end result was a substantial cost and time saving for the client, a reduction in the project’s carbon footprint, and additional points scored on the overall project BREEAM assessment.

Make the most of your construction waste

Disposal might seem like the easiest and cheapest option when it comes to construction waste. But in truth, a bit of extra know-how and the right machinery can turn that waste into a valuable asset for your project – in more ways than one.

At Weaver Demolition, we provide crushing and screening services to clients across the South West of England. Whether it’s part of a demolition project or a sole contract for crushing and screening, we’ll bring crushers to your site with fully trained operators for a fast, safe and cost-effective service every time.

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